Teashrine was established in July 2003 in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Since its opening, it has become an attraction to the town, specialising in teas of different continents.

It has become a place for people of all ages who are looking for a quiet and cosy corner to enjoy a pot of tea while chatting, gathering and even reading. In addition, it has also attracted people from the neighbouring towns and also travellers to stop by for a cup of tea and healthy vegetarian meals.

The management of Tea Shrine has decided to establish another branch in Adelaide, named “ZENHOUSE Tea Corner”.

In the new branch, we would like to enable the theme of “Mind, Body & Soul” to promote total wellbeing for our customers.

The Word Zen is the Japanese pronunciation of the character “禅” which is pronounced “chán” inMandarin Chinese. The same character is read “Sun” in Korean. Zen is a contraction of the seldom-used long form zenna (禅那; Mandarin: chánnà), which derives from “dhyānam” (Sanskrit) or “jhānam” (Pāli), meaning meditation.

Zen is a branch of Mahayana Buddhism which strongly emphasizes the practice of moment-by-moment awareness and of ‘seeing deeply into the nature of things’ by direct experience. Zen emerged as a distinct school in China and spread to VietnamKoreaJapan, and, in modern times, the rest of the world.

We hope to help bring zen awareness to our customers’ lifestyles so they can be more focused, aware & relaxed in such busy times.

Aims of ZenHouse Tea Corner, Adelaide

Bringing across the main theme of TEA to integrate the cultures of the world, promoting MIND BODY & SOUL.

Promoting the exchange & sharing of all kinds of cultures from around the world.

We hope to bring ZEN awareness to our customers, creating a calm and serene environment for customers to take a break from their busy and taxing work.

ZENHOUSE aims at creating a cosy and friendly environment for all tea lovers.

ZENHOUSE is a haven for tea lovers, where they can enjoy a great choice of quality tea from different continents.

Why did we select this location within the CBD?

An ideal place for nice relaxation, a place for gatherings and a place of meeting for business.

Creating an environment for students that live in the city for their revision and relaxation. In the near future we will also be providing special discounts for students.